Switching & Moving

Can I switch to Powershop?

Is Powershop available in my area?

Can I switch my commercial businesses to Powershop?

Does Powershop supply gas?

Do I need a special meter to be with Powershop?

I'm moving into a new house, can I switch?

I've been disconnected, can I switch?

Do I need to have any special equipment if I want to switch to Powershop?

What happens if I need a continuous supply of electricity?

Switching to Powershop

How do I switch?

What’s the difference between Powershop Classic and Powershop Lite?

Does it cost anything to switch to or away from Powershop?

Will my power be cut off when I switch?

Why and how are my direct debit or credit card details set up when I switch?

What happens if I've got problems switching?

Moving address with Powershop

How do I move house with Powershop?

How do I move my business with Powershop?

Does Powershop supply electricity at my new location?

How do I enter a final meter reading?

How do I know when the power will be turned on at my new property?

I've moved in and my power is off?

Using Powershop

The basics

How is Powershop different?

How and when will I get a bill?

Do I have to pay for my electricity in advance to avoid being cut off?

What do I have to do differently if I'm a Powershop customer?

What should I do to protect myself from interruptions to my electricity supply?

What happens if there is a power cut or meter fault?

What if the power is out but it's not an emergency?


What are Powerpacks?

What's a Special Pack, a Top Up Pack, and a Future Pack?

What is ‘Simple Saver’?

Buying your power

How does the online shop work?

How do I buy power?

How do I pay for power?

How do I know which Powerpack to choose and how many to buy?

What happens if my Internet is down or I go on holiday and I can't buy & pay for power?

Payment methods

Will I be charged extra if I pay by credit card?

What is a Powershop recharge card & how can I get one?

Your meter

Do I have to read my own meter or will Powershop read it for me?

Where is my electricity meter?

How do I read my meter?

What if I have more than one meter?

Pricing & fees

What are your prices?

Do you have prompt payment discounts?

What makes up the Powershop price?

Will I be charged for additional services?

What does Powershop offer low users?

Why do prices vary seasonally?

Why are the prices different for different people?

What is the CPD charge for the lower South Island?

What's the Mainpower rebate?

Is there a bond or other charge to switch to Powershop?

Policies & contracts

Do you have fixed term contracts?

Can I get a refund on the power I buy?

Will my electricity ever be cut off?

What happens to my personal information?

Are my credit card or bank account details safe?

What are my obligations to keep trees free from power lines?

Powershop the company

What does Powershop do?

What is Powershop's relationship with Meridian Energy?

Where is Powershop based?

The power industry

Where does my power come from?

Jargon buster

What is a tariff?

What does controlled/uncontrolled metering mean?

What does day/night metering mean?

What is a smart meter?

What is the wholesale market?

What's an ICP number?

What are network or lines companies?