Use our smart online tools to take control of your power usage and save money.

Use our smart online tools to take control of your power usage and save money.

Powerpacks – choose your power

Powershop sells electricity in packs of power in varying sizes and costs called Powerpacks. Some can be used now and some in the future.

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Powerpacks available in our online shop

They help you do things you've never done with a power company before. You can buy:

  • Special Packs at low prices to save you money every now and then.
  • Future Packs that enable you to buy electricity for coming months. These are great for stocking up ahead of winter and spreading your costs over the year ahead.
  • Top Up Packs that are always available and can be used straight away.

Our shop

Where you can buy whatever Powerpacks you want, whenever you want.

Compare electricity prices in the shop

Rather than only paying for power when the bill arrives, using our online shop gives you more flexibility and choice.

  • Buy cheap specials when they are available.
  • Pay for power when it suits you.
  • Buy power to use in future months to help smooth out costs more evenly over the year.
Easy online power management

The Power Organiser helps you see exactly how much power you are buying and how many days you can expect it to last.

  • Great for planning and budgeting.
  • Adjusts automatically as your usage changes seasonally.
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Powershop in your pocket

Keep an eye on your account anywhere, anytime with our mobile app.

You can check your usage on the go and find out handy things like when there’s a new special on offer, so you can pick up savings in an instant.

And you can set up notifications so there are no surprises in the future. You'll know exactly when your next automatic payment is coming out or when our meter reader is due to visit.

Become a beta test pilot

Powershop beta testers get to take early releases of our app for a spin.
Your mission: to find any glitches and report back to base.

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What do others think?

Thousands of our customers have downloaded the Powershop mobile app since we launched it at the end of 2013. Available on both iOS and Android it gives you the convenience of checking your power usage and buying specials anywhere, anytime.


I love the new Powershop app and keeping track of my power consumption :) No one else has that… Yaman, Manukau

Tracking usage and cost

Our online tools are where Powershop can really help you get a handle on how much power you use and when you use it.

  • Get valuable insights into what time and which activities are driving your power usage.
  • Gain more control over your power bill by making more informed decisions about how you use your power.
  • Awareness around your power usage can help you reduce your impact on the environment.

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