See how much you could save on power. Upload a recent bill and get a free estimate.

See how much you could save on power. Upload a recent bill and get a free estimate.

Take charge of your dollars, cents and kilowatts.

Our shop is stocked with savings

Why pay full price for your electricity, when you can shop for power and save?

Choose your deal

Watt a steal! Right this way for $150 free power* or 12 free weekends^ on us.

Switching to Powershop is easy. All you need is your address and 4 minutes. It’s that easy.

Choose your deal

Shop for power and save!

It’s easy as. We’ll show you how.

Instead of paying for power when you get your bill, shop for savings and pay when it suits you within your billing cycle.  

Shop for power and save!

 *$150 free power applied as a credit over your first year with us. Terms, conditions and eligibility criteria apply.
^Get the first weekend of each month free for 12 months. Terms, conditions, fair use rules and eligibility criteria apply.

We’re different from other power companies

We’re a power company with a shop. We also like to empower our customers to manage their power their way by providing freedom, flexibility and insights to help them manage their power bills and save money in the process. 

You deserve freedom

No fixed-term contracts for residential customers.

You deserve flexibility

Choose how you pay, and when you pay within your billing cycle. 

You deserve insights

Smart tools to track your daily power usage.

Don’t just take our word for it

Our customers like being in control of how much power they’re using and what it’s costing them. 

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Got questions?

We’ve got answers, lots of them! All ready and searchable in our Help section. But if you get stuck, our friendly Christchurch team are here to help via Live chat. 

Will I be locked into a fixed-term contract?

We can’t predict the future, so we won’t lock you into a fixed-term contract. You really can check out any time, and you can leave without penalty. We make it easy to join us, and easy to leave us if you need to. 

How does the shopping for power work?

Once you’re a Powershop customer you’ll have access to the Shop. Within the Shop you can buy units of power called Powerpacks. They come in a range of price points and are almost always sold at a discount Standard Rate helping you to get great value for money for the power you use. 

Buying power also helps you budget as you buy power as you use it or in advance so there’s no shock at the end of the month when you get your bill.  

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How do I buy power? Is there a monthly bill?

With Powershop you can buy power as you use it instead of paying for your electricity at the end of the month when you get a bill. This means that there is no monthly bill to pay if you have purchased enough power through the Shop to cover your usage for that billing cycle. 
You can even buy power up to six months in advance to help you budget and save even more! 
Learn more about shopping for your power

How do I move house with Powershop?

Moving house is easy with Powershop. Log in to the App, or on our website, and under the menu option select ‘Move property’.  
Add your move out date for your current address. In the ‘Move in’ section, add your new property address and the connection date. You’ll then receive an email from us if we require more information or to confirm your new property is set up. 
You can contact our friendly customer care team via the Live Chat if you require any further assistance. 

Check out more info about moving house

Our customers really rate our service

The people have spoken, and for the fourth year in a row (and the seventh time in 10 years), it’s another Consumer NZ People’s Choice award for Powershop in 2024!

Consumer award 4 years running

Saving electricity

Want to bring your monthly power costs down to free up more in the budget? Powershop’s Shop, Get Shifty and our Saving Electricity guide are just some of the tools we offer to bring your electricity consumption down. Because New Zealand deserves to be in control of their power use.

Providing power to every corner of New Zealand

We’re the trusted energy supplier to households from Whangārei to Invercargill. Depending on where you live, there will be specific rates and potentially off peak savings to make use of. If you’re getting power put on for the first time to your new home, we can help coordinate that for you - as well as manage the process when you move house. 

Learn more about the regions we power below:


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