Winter is the time when some power companies start door knocking for business. It’s not something you’ll find Powershop doing, but here are some tips if they do manage to get a foot in your door.

1) Check the rates. If you get shown a price comparison, make sure it’s all apples for apples. For example, we’ve heard of one company using Powershop’s winter rates for comparison over the whole year. With seasonal pricing, our rates are higher in autumn and winter, but lower the rest of the year. So it’s not a fair reference for what you’ll pay over the full twelve months. You can see exactly what your rates are at any time of the year on the Your Rates page in your online account.

2) Check for GST. We always show our rates inclusive of Goods & Services Tax (GST). At 15%, it can make a big difference to the numbers if GST is left out.

3) Be careful you don’t sign up without knowing it. We have heard of instances where a door knocker grabs your details to send you more info, but then signs you up anyway. If you believe you have signed up to another power company without meaning to, simply contact the retailer and cancel the switch.

If you change your mind after intentionally signing up from a door knocker or other ‘uninvited direct sale’, you also have a five day cooling-off period after receiving a copy of the agreement within which you have the right to cancel.

4) If you do get offered what you think is a better deal, talk to us first. Chances are, we can offer you a ‘price guarantee’ which means if we aren’t cheaper than the other company’s published rates over twelve months, we will make up the difference.

5) Look before you sign. If you are asked to sign a contract, make sure you are clear what you are getting into and any fixed term you are being locked in for. Look out for any fees you would be charged if you break the contract. At Powershop we don’t have fixed-term contracts for residential customers and we don’t charge break fees – but not all power companies are this fair.

Be careful out there!