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Our General Manager, Mark Soper, shares his thoughts on what doing the right thing means for Powershop.

Back in February we got in touch with over 1,000 of our residential customers who we thought could save money by changing from standard to low user pricing (or vice versa). This is something we call ‘right planning’, and we do it four times a year. We don’t have to do it, and we don’t make a lot of noise about it — we just think it’s the right thing to do.

It got me thinking about some of the other things we don’t shout from the rooftops, but are all part of us walking the walk when we claim to be a better power company.

One principle we’ve always believed in is customer equality. So we don’t do special cut-price rates for new sign-ups, while milking our long-standing loyal customers. It’s what I call ‘non-discriminatory pricing’. No matter when you signed up with us, you have the same base rates as all customers in your area with the same meter setup and pricing option.

It’s simple, yet radical for a New Zealand power company. And it’s an approach we’ve taken from day one, way back in 2009.

Which brings me to something we’ve started doing this year, that’s the polar opposite of giving new customers a better deal than current customers.

Just before Christmas we introduced ‘tenure-based rewards’. Effective 1 January, we now offer our residential customers extra discounts on top of their base rates corresponding to how long they’ve been with us. For customers with access to our online shop, this is delivered through an additional discount on their monthly Simple Saver Powerpack.

We apply this equally – so, for example, everyone who’s been with us for five or more consecutive years has access to the same bonus 5% discount on their Simple Saver (on top of the usual 20%). It means all our customers can be confident that they’re getting a great deal now, and in the future.

Being a better power company. It really can be as simple as doing the right thing.


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