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Seen a power special you want to buy but can’t afford it right now? Well, you don’t have to miss out on savings if your budget is temporarily a bit tight. Watch our Power Hacks video to find out how, or scroll down to read all about it. 

“Hi there, I'm Emma and I'm here to tell you how you can buy Powerpacks now, and pay for them later.

Throughout the month, Powershop gives you lots of opportunities to buy discounted power, from  Staying Power, Future Packs and our ad-hoc specials. Every so often, these packs might come at slightly inconvenient times, but that doesn't mean you have to miss out on these savings if your budget is temporarily a bit tight.

So, wanna to know the secret? It's all about the payment method you choose when you go to buy the Powerpack. The default option is to complete the transaction using your preferred payment method – usually a credit or debit card or via direct debit.  But if you need to defer the payment, choose ‘Online Banking’ instead. With this option you can actually buy now and pay later. it's like an IOU!

If you're purchasing power on our mobile app, tap to change your payment method, then choose online banking. Tap ‘Pay’ and you're done!  

If you haven't paid for your purchase before the time of your next Account Review, we will schedule in an auto-payment and give you around three business days notice of when it will be charged to your preferred payment method. If, for whatever reason, that day doesn't suit, you do have the flexibility to move it to a few days later.

Paying when it suits you, just one of the ways Powershop puts the power back in your hands.”