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Powershop is like a supermarket for electricity with lots of ‘Powerpacks’ in different shapes and sizes in our online shop, and fresh packs hitting the shelves regularly. But which ones are the essential items you should always have on your shopping list?

Staying Power and the other power specials that pop up through the month make up your ‘Special Rates’ as shown on the Your Rates page, so it’s really important you buy them to make sure you get the best value out of Powershop.

Where do I find them?

Just like fresh fruit in the supermarket, when they're available you’ll find these specials at the beginning of the list of Powerpacks on the app, or at the top of the desktop 'Shop' page. 

We’ll also deliver them straight to your phone or inbox.

  • If you have downloaded our app (and have notifications turned on) an alert will pop up on your phone when each new Staying Power or special hits the shop.
  • You can also buy your Staying Power direct from your weekly Power Update email – it will keep appearing there until you purchase it.

What's in each pack?

Let’s pick up each pack and take a closer look at the ingredients and packaging.

Your Staying Power comes out on the first day of the month, like clockwork.

  • This pack buys you around five days' worth of power – it can vary between three and seven days depending on the season and changes in your usage.
  • Each Staying Power pack shows the percentage discount against your Standard Power rate.
  • The discount starts at 20% – but grows by 1% each year you are with us, to a maximum of 25% after five years.
  • Each Staying Power is in the shop for the whole month.
  • Staying Power has a spectacular, galactic look – for your first year, the design is a rocket ship. Then you’ll move further into the galaxy with a different celestial image each year you’re with us (up to five years).

Example only

Three or four other specials that count towards your Special Rates appear over the month. 

  • These specials usually buy you a couple of days or so of power.
  • Each pack shows the percentage discount against your Standard Power rate.
  • The packs are usually only in the shop for a few days – so when you see one, buy it. If you don’t have the money right now, you can even buy now and pay later.
  • Pack designs are unique and often tied to topical events – quirky, humorous, or sometimes just a bit random.

Buying our Special Packs doesn’t just save you money. Through buying your Staying Power and the specials described above, you will have sorted out a good chunk of your monthly power with just a few clicks or taps.

So what about the rest of your bill? That’s where Future Packs and our fixed-price Value Packs come in. Find out more.