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Making the shift towards self-sufficiency with solar panels? Shifting away from fossil fuels with an electric vehicle? Or simply shifting your usage off-peak to save money? We put the power in your hands.

Got solar?

If you have solar panels on your house, as well as keeping your lights on when the sun stops shining, we’ll automatically pay you a buy-back rate for any excess electricity you generate back into the grid. We’ll also give you access to some smart tools in your app and desktop account. We call it ‘Sell your Solar’.

Sell your solar is available everywhere Powershop is available. You don’t need to sign up to a special solar plan, provided you have an approved import/export meter it’ll all just happen.

Find out more on our Help site.

Got an EV?

If you have an electric vehicle (EV), we can hook you up with cheap off-peak charging rates in most areas, including the main centres. Charge up your car, e-bike or e-scooter for less.

Call us on 0800 1000 60 to find out more.

Want to Get Shifty?

Whether or not you have an EV, If you’re able to shift your power use to off-peak times and you have a smart meter, in many areas you can save with our ‘Get Shifty’ Smart Time of Use pricing.

Find out more on our Help site.

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Upload a bill & we'll send you a savings estimate

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