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Geoff Marsland, Co-owner of Havana Coffee Works.
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Choose from two plans

Choose the plan that suits your business needs

Plan 1

Go with the flow

Seasonal Plan

Make hay while the sun shines with Powershop’s Seasonal Plan. Your usage rates change as demand for electricity changes during the year – up in autumn and winter, then down again in spring and summer. Your usage rates will vary month to month but your daily charge will remain fixed.

There are no fixed-term contracts – we won’t lock you in. But whenever you need it, you’ll get prompt personal service from one of our friendly business team members.

Is this plan right for my business?

seasonal pricing plan

Powershop’s Seasonal Plan is good for small-medium sized businesses who like to follow seasonal price changes.

Business plan

Fix and forget

fixed pricing plan

With Powershop’s Fixed Energy Plan, we’ll lock down your energy charges that make up part of your power bill*, so you can accurately forecast your costs.

Multi-property management is a cinch with only one invoice and one due date.

Get in touch today to see if your business is eligible for a Fixed Energy Plan.

* The Fixed Energy Price Plan excludes any changes to GST and network charges.

Is this plan right for my business?

fixed pricing plan graph

Powershop’s Fixed Energy Plan is good for medium-larger sized businesses who like to forecast costs with absolute certainty.

Take control of your power bill and avoid surprises

  • current power balance

    You can log in anytime you like to see your current power usage and balance.

  • power usage graph

    Your monthly update shows a summary of what you’ve used and paid for, and helps identify trends in your power usage.

  • flexible payment options

    You can choose to pay by direct debit or make manual payments by credit card, debit card or an online bank account.

  • track and analyse power usage

    And if you like, you can use our smart online tools to evaluate, manage your power and reduce your bills.

Easy to switch

Call one of the business team today to compare apples with apples by making a comparison against your current retailer.

We'll seamlessly switch your power by:

  • Contacting your existing supplier.
  • Switching you to Powershop in 10 days with no interruption to your power.
  • Keeping you fully updated via email about your switch.

0800 472 952

Free call between 9am - 5pm Monday to Friday.

Send an email and we’ll get back to you within the same or next business day.

large supply

Where is Powershop available?

We’re open for business in most areas of New Zealand.

large business new

Moving premises?

You can do it all online in a few minutes. Or call us free on 0800 472 952. We will do everything, including contacting your old power company.

large business

Starting a new business?

There are a few things you can provide to help us help you to switch to Powershop. Find out more.

large gas

Need gas?

Like thousands of our customers you can switch your electricity to Powershop and, if you’re on dual fuel, keep your gas with your current supplier. Or, ask for a gas-only plan from a local gas retailer.

Starting a new business


There are a few things you can provide to us to help us understand the best way to get the switch to Powershop under way as smoothly as possible:

  • Do you have power at the site? If not, have you checked if the main switch has been turned off?
  • Do you have the ICP number of the property you plan to move into? If not, if you have access to the meter, can you provide us with a photo of the meter at the property, or provide us with the serial number displayed on the meter?
  • Can you provide us with the specific move in date for the new property?
  • Do you know how much power you would be using at the new property? This will help us provide you with an accurate cost estimate.
  • Is it a new connection that has not had power at the property before now? If so, are you able to provide us with your electrician’s contact details?