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How do I shift more of my usage?

Making the most of Time of Use/Get Shifty is all about shifting as much of your power use from peak to off-peak or night times as you can.

Power-hungry appliances include dishwashers, ovens, washing machines, and of course heaters.

New models of dishwashers, heat pumps etc may have timers or even wifi controls. But let’s face it, most of your ability to shift and save will be if you are at home at off-peak times and able to delay using those big power guzzlers till then. Here are some examples:

  • Delaying the dishwasher until off-peak times
  • Doing all your clothes washing on the weekend
  • Leaving the heat pump off during peak times and turning it back on when you reach off-peak
  • Move your morning shower to a night time shower

If you need to know whether you are in a peak, off-peak, or night period, remember to check the Balance page on your desktop account. The slider will tell you what period you’re in and what the rate is right now.