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Getting the best savings

Our Special Packs and Future Packs are discounted against your Standard Power rate.

Simple Saver
Simple Saver is one of our extra-special Special Packs. It’s available once a month and gives you a super discounted rate off your Standard Power.

The Simple Saver discount starts off at 20% in your first year then increases by 1% each year you’re with us, reaching a maximum of 25% after five years.

If you download the mobile app, you’ll receive a notification when Simple Saver is available.

Other extra-special specials
We’ll regularly surprise you with other extra-special specials as well. These are usually available for a limited time. So make sure you keep an eye on the Shop by logging in to your account regularly or download the mobile app to get notifications.

Keep up with specials by following us on Facebook and Twitter.

Future Packs
Future Packs allow you to squirrel away power for the months to come. As well as helping you to spread out payments, they also have a little discount to help you save. The further out you buy Future Packs, the bigger the discount!


Powerpacks are only available if you have signed up to our Powershop Classic option.