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How do I enter a final meter reading?

If you have a smart meter you won’t need to enter a final meter reading as we’ll get your reading automatically.

If your meter isn’t smart log in to your account. Click on ‘Usage’, ‘Meter Readings’, then ‘Enter a meter read’.

You’ll be taken to an ‘Overview’ screen that gives you access to both your properties.

Select your old property details. Then ‘enter my read’. Enter your final meter reading and the job’s done!

Alternatively you can also enter a reading on Powershop’s mobile app. Tap on ‘Read meter’ in the menu.

You can enter your final meter reading up to 3 days after you move out.

If you don’t have access to the internet while you’re moving, call us on 0800 462 668 and we’ll enter the read for you.

Be aware, if the final meter reading you give us seems unusual, compared to what you’ve typically used at this address, we may need to send a technician to confirm the reading. There’s a fee for this which will be added to your final Account Review for this property – see our fees and charges.