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What happens if I use more power than I’ve paid for?

If you haven’t bought enough power, don’t worry, we won’t cut you off!

If you still have power to purchase at the end of your billing period (aka your ‘Account Review period’) we will email you a couple of days afterwards. Watch out for an email called ‘Account review coming’. This will let you know the amount you still have to purchase.

You then have a choice. Either:

  • Log in to your account and buy a Powerpack from the Shop – and take advantage of our discounted Powerpacks
  • Log in to your account and purchase the exact amount to cover how much power you’re short – this will be charged at your Standard Rate. Which is still very good!
  • Hold tight and we’ll buy the exact amount to cover how much power you’re short. This will also be charged at your Standard Rate.

If we buy power for you we’ll give you one last chance to log in to your account and pay for it yourself when you get your Account Review email. In this email we’ll also tell you when the money will be debited from your bank account or credit card if you don’t log in and pay for it yourself. We’ll always give you at least three days notice before we take any money so you can make sure you have sufficient funds in your account.

If paying on this date is going to be a problem you can move your payment date. Read how.

Download our mobile app and you’ll also get a mobile alert at least three days before we take a payment to let you know how much we are going to take, and when.