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What makes up my power price?

It takes more than just Powershop to get electricity to your property. There’s a whole supply chain and everyone’s responsible for doing their bit. To do their bit they have to charge us (and ultimately you) to do it.

  • Generators produce electricity and sell it on to us through the wholesale market.
  • Transpower transmits electricity from the generators to the local lines company.
  • Local lines companies distribute power from your regional network to your property.
  • Metering companies own and manage the meters that measure your power usage.
  • Retailers – that’s us! – buy power from the wholesale market and sell it on to you.
  • And the government does its bit, governing and regulating the electricity industry.

Each of these organisations – even the government – clips the ticket along the way. Some of their charges are fixed and some of them are variable. Which is why yours are too. Add to these GST and government levies. And that’s what makes up the total price of your power.