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My power is off – what should I do?

Your power could be off for a few reasons – e.g. extreme weather, a vehicle crashing into a power pole, or some kind of lines fault. The outage may be specific to your property, or there may be a more widespread problem in the network.

First up
It’s best to call your network company to report the fault. If you don’t know your network company, then call us on 0800 462 668 and we can contact them for you. We’ll coordinate with the network company and, if necessary, get a fault person to your property as quick as we can. If other houses in your street are out, there’s a good chance someone will be working on the problem already and it’s just a matter of time before the power is back on.

Check out who to contact for faults and outages in your area.

Keep yourself safe
Keep yourself and others well clear of any electrical lines and wires – even if your power is out, you should treat all lines and wires as if they’re live and dangerous..

Switch off appliances at the wall
If your power goes off it’s a good idea to switch off all electrical appliances at the wall. It’s especially important to make sure hazardous appliances (heaters and ovens) or sensitive electronic equipment (computers) are turned off or unplugged at wall, to reduce the risk of fire, or damage to equipment if there is an electricity surge when the supply is restored. Just leave a light or two on so you know when the power has come back on.