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Powershop New Zealand is part of the Meridian group of companies that is now net zero carbon across its operations for Scope 1 and 2 emissions. So for a power company that loves the colour pink, we’re pretty green.

Meridian Energy is a 100% renewable electricity generator. The electricity Meridian generates from their hydro stations and wind farms goes into the national grid along with power from other generators, who at any given time may be feeding in electricity from non-renewable sources. So the power that ends up at your house can be a mix of green and not-so-green.

Therefore we can’t guarantee the electricity you actually use is 100% renewable. No retailer can.

The good news is that most of NZ’s electricity is renewably-generated each year (81.9% in 2017 – the fourth highest renewable energy supply in the OECD behind Iceland, Norway, and Sweden)*.

But even if all the electricity we were able to provide you was 100% renewable, there are aspects of running our business (or for that matter, any business) which can contribute to carbon emissions.

What we’re doing to be greener

  • Being an online power company we don’t send paper bills, so we don’t kill too many trees in our day-to-day work. That’s a start. Here are some of the other things we are doing (or not doing!) to be as green as we can be.
  • We don’t have company cars, but we do have a mini-fleet of pinked-out e-bikes and e-scooters available for our crew to use.
  • Where possible, we use video-conferencing between our Wellington and Masterton offices, and ride-sharing or public transport when we need to meet up in person.
  • Our sustainability teams are always thinking up new ways for us to reduce our carbon footprint further.

How we help you be more green

Knowing where you’re at with your power has always been a big part of the Powershop experience. The more you know about the power you use, the more you can identify ways to save power, save money, and maybe help save the planet.

  • In many network areas we also offer cheaper off-peak rates so you can shift your usage and save, while reducing pressure on the network in times of high demand.
  • If you have solar or run an EV, we can help with cheap off-peak rates for charging your electric vehicle (available in most areas) and buy-back rates for excess solar fed back into the grid (available everywhere).
  • If you are happy to pay a bit more, you can top up your account with Airshed Green, where an amount goes towards offsetting the emissions associated with the power you buy.

Being sustainable isn’t just about the environment, it’s also about contributing back to the community.

Through our Power for Good initiative we support a range of charities through the year. As well as facilitating donations through the Power for Good top up pack, we also contribute staff time to these great causes.

Like to know more? You can keep up with all things pink and green on our blog.

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