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$150 credit:

This offer is for new customers only and is only available for your principal place of residence, holiday homes or secondary properties are not eligible. You will not be eligible to receive this sign up credit if you or anyone else residing at your property has received credit for signing up to Powershop within the last 12 months. To receive the $150 worth of free power, you need to join Powershop via this page while it is visible. Once you’ve been switched to Powershop, we will credit your account with $25. You’ll then receive a $10 credit in each of your 10 following monthly account review periods, and a final credit of $25 in the final account review period of your first year as a Powershop customer.

The 12 sign up credits, worth a total of $150, are only available to cover the cost of your electricity with Powershop and cannot be refunded or redeemed for cash. If you switch away from Powershop within 12 months of becoming a customer then you forfeit your right to any remaining credits that would have been due under this promotion. Powershop may, at its sole discretion, either decline to apply, or remove any sign up credit granted, where it reasonably believes that a customer or other residents at a property have already received a sign up credit for that property within the last 12 months.

Powershop may require proof of identification, and/or a tenancy agreement or sale and purchase agreement in order to verify eligibility for this offer and the date that you took control of the property. Your eligibility is further dependent on you agreeing to Powershop's customer terms and conditions, and authorising Powershop to conduct a credit check using the details you sign up with and Powershop being satisfied with the results of that credit check.

Guaranteed Savings:

To be eligible for our Guaranteed Savings offer, you must be a new customer (i.e. you have not been a Powershop customer within the last 12 months), and must provide Powershop with your most recent bill from your old retailer for your main home (Competitor’s Bill). We guarantee that, compared to the Competitor’s Bill, you’ll save at least $150 with Powershop over your first year, commencing on the date your switch to Powershop is completed (“Guaranteed Savings Period”). The Competitor’s Bill supplied must be from within the last 3 months or later and should be emailed to Guaranteed Savings will only be offered against retailers with published rates; we will not guarantee savings against Competitors’ Bills where the rates in those bills are based on real time spot market pricing.

Your Guaranteed Savings offer is based on the actual cost paid for your electricity with Powershop over the Guaranteed Savings Period for your main home, when compared to the cost of the same amount of electricity for that same period using the rates in the Competitor’s Bill. Guaranteed Savings only applies against the rates offered by the competitor, and does not apply to any additional incentives (like cash, credit, product offers or other sign up deals) that the competitor may offer. Guaranteed Savings calculations exclude any payments made by Powershop or the competitor for exported generation e.g. solar. 

For customers with access to Powershop’s online “shop”, some Powershop products are priced at a premium (e.g. Airshed packs where the additional amount (above your Standard Power rate) is used to purchase carbon credits, or certain charity products we may offer from time to time). The additional cost of these products (above your Standard Power rate) is excluded from the Guaranteed Savings calculations. This means that when we calculate your spend for the purposes of Guaranteed Savings, we will use your Standard Power rate for any premium products you purchase during your Guaranteed Savings Period.

At the first Account Review (billing period closure) following the end of your Guaranteed Savings Period, we will complete a full review to make sure that you’ve saved what we promised. In calculating your Guaranteed Savings, we will exclude any additional incentives competitors may offer such as sign-up credits, but will include any Powershop sign-up credit offered during your first year. If you’ve met these terms and conditions, and you haven’t saved at least $150 with us, then we’ll put a credit on your account to make good on our guarantee.

Any credit due will be applied to your Powershop account in the first Account Review following the end of your Guaranteed Savings Period. As credits can only be applied to active Powershop accounts, you must be a customer of Powershop at the time of this Account Review to receive the credit. Should you close your Powershop account prior to this Account Review you forfeit the right to any credit due to you under this offer.

This Guaranteed Savings offer does not apply if within your Guaranteed Savings Period: (A) you do not supply a valid Competitor’s Bill for your main home; (B) you switch away from Powershop or move to a new property supplied by Powershop; (C) we reasonably believe, after viewing the Competitor’s Bill, that the rates in the bill are not genuine; (D) we reasonably believe the property in question is not, or has ceased to be, your main home during the Guaranteed Savings Period; (E) at the time we calculate your Guaranteed Savings you owe Powershop more than $100 which is at least 60 days overdue (whether on this property or another property).

If your metering configuration changes through the year (whether due to a change you request, an error we discover, or for any other reason) then we will endeavour to replicate the price you would have paid for your power under the Competitor’s Bill by using a usage-based weighted average of the Competitor’s rates and applying this to your new metering configuration. We may decline to offer you Guaranteed Savings where we have advised you that your current, or requested, meter configuration will cost you more, and we have recommended an alternative configuration which you have declined.

This Guaranteed Savings offer is per residential account and, unless otherwise specified, is not available in conjunction with any other promotional offers available through Powershop from time to time. This offer is only available while it is visible on this webpage. Powershop, at its sole discretion, may amend or cease to offer Guaranteed Savings at any time without notice. In such event, any Guaranteed Savings Periods, which commenced prior to the date Powershop ceased to offer them, will continue to be honoured.

Sorry, our webchat is off for now as the winter bugs have hit our crew. We'll be back on deck as soon as we can!

Sorry, our webchat is off for now as the winter bugs have hit our crew. We'll be back on deck as soon as we can!

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