Before we get you too interested, you do need to be running iOS 10 on your Apple device. To get the ‘beta builds’ (that’s what we call our test versions) you first need to register interest with us and then install Apple’s special TestFlight app. TestFlight will deliver the beta builds straight to your device.

Please note that this is a beta version of the Powershop app which is still a work in progress, meaning that while you get to play with all the whizzy new features first, there may be some functionality issues, or pesky bugs lurking around. This app is provided to you on an “as is” basis, and you bear the risk of using it. However, rest assured that if using this app causes any detrimental changes to your account or billing that we will try and fix this up quick smart.

One of the reason we are doing these beta tests is so we can find out about any of these glitches or teething problems before we release our app updates to the world. So it’s all in a good cause! If the bugs get to be too annoying you can bail out at any time and go back to using the normal app. But think of the excitement you’ll be missing out on…

Follow the steps below to register your interest, then you’ll get an invite via an email from Apple to use TestFlight (this may take a day or so). After you’ve got the invite you’ll need to set up TestFlight and then install the first beta build of the Powershop NZ app. This will only take a few minutes, then you’ll be cleared for take-off.

Steps to opt-in

1. Before you start, check you have the Powershop NZ app installed on your iPhone. If not, go to the App Store, search for ‘Powershop NZ’ and install it.

iOS beta 1

2. Register your interest to get beta builds by emailing from an email address you can access on your iPhone (you’ll need to follow a link from a return email). We will try and approve your request as soon as possible, but it might take a day or so.

3. When you’ve been added to our list of testers you’ll get an email from iTunes Store. (If you haven’t received an email from iTunes Store after a couple days, email us at to let us know.) Tap the Open in TestFlight button.

iOS beta 2

4. A webpage will open in Safari. Tap the blue TestFlight link to open up the App Store.

5. Install TestFlight

iOS beta 3

6. Once installed, open the TestFlight app. You should see a version of the Powershop NZ app waiting to be tested. Click the green Install button. If you previously had the Powershop NZ app installed you will see a popup warning. Don’t worry, you shouldn’t lose any data or have to log in again. Go ahead and click the Install link.

iOS beta 4

7. The beta build of the Powershop app will begin to install. Once installed, tap the blue Open button to launch the app.

iOS beta 5
8. The app will open as normal. However, it’s now a beta build of the app, not the normal app available in the App Store.

Using the Powershop beta build app

A few things to note about using beta builds from TestFlight:

The beta build of the app will replace your current app, but should not log you out. The beta build app has an orange dot to the left of it. If your Powershop app doesn’t have a orange dot, it’s a not a beta build and you’ll need to repeat the steps above.

iOS beta 6

When a new beta build is available to test, you will get a push notification and an email sent to your iPhone. Open the notification, open the TestFlight app from the homescreen, or open the email to read the notes on what new features to look for. Then install the latest beta build from TestFlight.

iOS beta 7

To send us feedback on a beta build (e.g. if it keeps crashing on a certain screen, or you want to comment on the new features, etc.) open up the TestFlight app, tap on the Powershop NZ app icon, then tap the Send Feedback button to open an email where you can enter your feedback. You can attach screenshots in the email if you think they will be useful.

iOS beta 8

To see the details of each new beta build, open up the TestFlight app and read the paragraph under the app icon. This will tell you what’s new and what to look out for.

iOS beta 9

Beta builds last for 30 days after they are released, after which time your iPhone will explode (not really). To see how many days are left, open the TestFlight app and look for the small text under the blue Open button.

iOS beta 10

TestFlight is only available to iPhones, iPads, and iPods running iOS 10 and above. That means iPhone 4 users cannot use it. If your device is running an iOS version less than 10, you will need to upgrade to use TestFlight.

Steps to opt-out

If you no longer want to get beta builds of the Powershop NZ app, you can unsubscribe from TestFlight.

1. Open up TestFlight and tap on the Powershop app icon
2. Scroll to the bottom of the screen and tap the red Unsubscribe button. This will mean you won’t receive any more beta builds of the app.
3. Uninstall the beta build of Powershop NZ (the one with the orange dot) and then reinstall the normal app from the App Store again
4. Uninstall the TestFlight app from your device

iOS beta 11