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Across New Zealand, homes, offices and even schools are looking for ways to conserve electricity. While everyone’s power usage is different, there are some easy ways to start reducing how much you use, and pay.

In this hub you will learn things like:

  • How to save power in different environments, including at home, work and school.
  • Affordable equipment available to conserve energy.
  • Easy behaviour changes for reducing energy consumption.
  • How much power different appliances use.

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Downloadable Resources

What's Watt


Start Saving Electricity In 5 Minutes

Saving Electricity does require a conscious effort, but really most of the behaviours that make a dent in the monthly bill are really easy to put into p…

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8 Things You Can Do Instead Of Overpaying for Electricity

The worst part about overpaying for power is that many Kiwis don’t even realise they’re overpaying!

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Preparing for a Christmas-sized power bill

For some households who host lots of family members for a number of days, it’s normal to see a spike in usage.

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How do babies affect the power bill?

You might have been told to expect your power bill to go up with a baby in the house – but what exactly does this mean?

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Covid-19 and power habits

If you’re a Powershop customer experiencing some hardship due to COVID-19, please check out our help page on this.

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10 ways to reduce the Winter power bill

We all know to expect a bigger power bill heading into New Zealand’s Winter months. But after enjoying lower costs over Summer and Autumn, we can get in…

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We profile common heaters [includes buying tips]

May 2019 was pretty mild for most of NZ. But we’re into Winter now. If you’ve set foot into a homewares store in the last few weeks, it’s likely you’ll …

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Reduce washing electricity costs with these easy hacks

For many New Zealanders, the month of June means the clothes dryer is put into action. Dryers can vary greatly in terms of efficiency, but can be as cos…

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