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You’re helping save the planet with your solar panels, so it’s only right that you should reap some rewards. Join Powershop and we’ll pay you a hot buy-back rate for any excess generation your home exports back to the grid. Sell us your solar and make hay while the sun shines!

Our buy-back rate is subject to change and is currently 8.5 cents per kilowatt hour exported. Available only to customers with installations under 10kW, appropriate import-export meter required.


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Know what you’re using, and what you’re selling

With our mobile app and online tools it’s easy to track how much power you are using and exporting. Every day we will receive data from your meter on what you are feeding back, just as we do with the electricity you use. This will display on your mobile app as a ‘daily export’ graph and in your desktop account as a ‘heat map’, both giving you detail down to the half-hour.

Your monthly Account Review (our version of a power bill) will also show the dollar value of any solar we have bought back.

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Join Powershop now and as well as a great solar buy-back rate, you can get $150 free power over your first twelve months!


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Find out how much you could save on power. Upload a bill and get a free estimate

Find out how much you could save on power. Upload a bill and get a free  estimate

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