See how much you could save on power. Upload a recent bill and get a free estimate.

See how much you could save on power. Upload a recent bill and get a free estimate.

We’re tickled pink to announce that Canstar Blue has awarded Powershop the 2018 Most Satisfied Customers Award for Electricity Providers. 

We’ve won this award six of the seven times it has been awarded and we’re delighted that our customers continue to rate us so highly.

Our crew celebrate another Canstar Blue Award win in Masterton

“This award means a lot to us because it comes directly from our customers.” said Powershop General Manager, Mark Soper.

“Last year was the first time we didn’t win, so the comeback makes it even sweeter.”

“We’ve got a great local team in Masterton that work hard to keep our customers happy and over the past year we’ve done a lot of work behind the scenes to make sure we are doing the right thing by our customers”

“It’s also worth noting that our Masterton team also provide customer service for Powershop Australia who’ve won the award in Victoria three years in a row – showing that great service is universal.”

Here are some of the comments from survey participants:

“Very informative friendly service offers lots in way of saving deals gives all information on usage allows flexibility in payments i.e. I can purchase a week or a month at a time of power – love this.”

“Interesting retail model which engages the customer in purchasing choices and forward pricing savings. Good app and well presented graphics on usage and cost. Easy sign up and good starting discount.”

“I like being able to manage my account and buy electricity when I want through their app. I like the ability to see how much electricity I’m using at any time.”

“They have really nice staff who don’t make you feel bad for calling. They deal with issues promptly. I like that they offer different savings packages for the months ahead, that’s really smart and proactive.”

If you’re not already with us and love the sound of power company that keeps its customers satisfied join Powershop today!