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See how much you could save on power. Upload a recent bill and get a free estimate.

When you’re roaming the shops or surfing the net for Christmas present inspiration this year, why not make sure you’re buying a GOOD gift?

By good, we don’t only mean a present that the recipient opens and loves, but one our environment likes too. With more and more statistics showing just how much plastic waste affects our waterways and marine life, it’s time to think about less plastic or disposable gifts, and more environmentally friendly products and presents.

Before you start your Christmas shopping, have a look at this hierarchy of needs graph, to help provide you with some good gift giving inspiration.

If you are going to be purchasing gifts for your loved ones, to help you out, we’ve compiled a bit of a wishlist, full of wonderful things for those of all ages that everyone – including the planet! – will love.

  • What could be better, for both you AND the environment, than these S’well drink bottles that keep cold liquid cool and warm liquids hot? They’ve got plenty of designs and sizes to choose from, to suit any and every personality.
  • For the kiddies, you can easily avoid plastic toys with these adorable (and educational!) toys from The Wooden Toy Box. They’ve got a huge range of toys available for ages up to 5+.
  • Ethique is the world's first zero waste, full range beauty brand. They’re plastic, cruelty and palm oil free, vegan and sustainable. What’s not to love?! From shampoo to face and body wash, they’ve even got natural shampoo bars for your furry friends!``
  • Knowledge is power, and we think this little book of going green is a great present for anyone looking for tips and tricks on how to do their bit for our planet.
  • Tote bags will forever be a useful gift – especially now that supermarkets have done their bit to reduce plastic bags. We love this Celeste Wallaert confetti tote bag from Loqui, perfect for anyone on the go this summer.
  • For the fashion lover, Liminal is an ethically made New Zealand clothing brand, who not only sources sustainable materials, but also provide job opportunities for women and families in Kolkata, India.
  • For the foodies out there, glass storage jars are the perfect way to keep kitchens waste and clutter free. Fill the jar with cookie ingredients for an even better present. These cranberry white chocolate cookies are our favourite festive choice.
  • Plastic straws are a thing of the past. You can take your pick of paper, bamboo and metal straws. We think this little pack – which includes a standard straw, a smoothie straw and a cleaning brush – are perfect for popping into your bag to use when you’re out and about. 50c from every purchase of these straws is donated to Sustainable Coastlines – score!


Once you’ve got your presents sorted, you can also think sustainably when it comes to gift wrapping or packaging your gift.  Unfortunately, not all wrapping paper options are recyclable, and tons of it end up in landfills each year. Luckily, there are heaps of eco-friendly alternatives that still look great. 


Kraft paper can help your presents look stylish and minimalistic, or it can be a blank canvas for your imagination to run wild. If you’ve got kids, you could get them to draw some pictures or doodles on the paper, to make the gifts even more personalised. 

Other alternatives are to use newspaper, or even re-use gift bags if you’ve got the odd one lying around. Washi tape is also a great alternative to sellotape, which is also recyclable.

Finally, if you’ve got some spare time this festive season, and want to master a new skill, you could watch this video to learn how to wrap presents without the use of any tape or ribbon. 


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