We’ve calculated your estimated monthly cost based on:

Where you live

Powershop is available in 27 different electricity networks in NZ. Each network has their own pricing, so someone in Northland does not pay the same as someone in Southland. Our estimate is also based on your address as being your main home, where you live most of the time.

Your power usage

The number of humans and other beings in your household, along with where you live, gives us a pretty good idea of how much electricity you are likely to use. These are only estimates, however, based on average customers in your region. Your own consumption may vary significantly from the estimates shown. Feel free to send us a recent electricity bill to get an accurate estimate and cost comparison. This also determines whether you would be eligible for our ‘low user’ or ‘standard user’ pricing.

With low user pricing you have a lower daily charge (34.5c per day incl GST), but pay a higher per kWh rate for the electricity you use. You are a low user if you use less than 8,000 kWh per year north of Arthur’s Pass, or less than 9,000 kWh per year south of Arthur’s Pass. 

We regularly review your account to ensure you're on the best pricing option for your household.

Your meter set up

How your meter is set up, also called your tariff, affects what you pay per kWh of electricity used. Examples of different meter set ups/tariffs include Controlled, Uncontrolled, Inclusive. You may have more than one tariff. Find out more.

In our estimate we have used the most common meter set-up for your area, based on how you have told us your water is heated.

All the things

Our prices include both GST and Electricity Authority levies. Because why wouldn’t you.

Powershop Classic

Our prices are based on you being a ‘Powershop Classic’ customer and buying our monthly Simple Saver special Powerpack and all other limited time special Powerpacks available each month. This is what we call our ‘Special rates’. If you are on Powershop Classic and don’t buy any specials through the month you pay our ‘Standard Power rates’.

The season

Our estimate is based on you using power in the typical seasonal pattern for your area and being with Powershop for a full year.

With Powershop Classic the price of our power goes up and down seasonally. In summer when power is cheaper, we pass those savings on to you. In winter our prices increase, but only slightly. Your estimated monthly cost is based on an average of your rates over either the winter (June, July, August) or summer (December, January, February) months. Call us on 0800 1000 60 to get an estimate of your monthly rates over the year.

With our alternative Powershop Lite option you pay a flat rate through the year which works out as being a bit less than our Standard Power rate. However you won’t save as much as you could through buying specials on Powershop Classic.

Want to know more?

Find out more about how our pricing works

If you would like a more accurate cost estimate, and you’ve got a recent electricity bill handy, call us on 0800 1000 60, 8am to 8pm, Monday to Friday.