If you sign up with access to our online shop, you can buy power in different dollar amounts called Powerpacks. You can buy little packs or big packs to suit your usage and your budget.

Save as you go

Our special Powerpacks have discounts to let you save money as you go. Regular specials pop up through the month, often with a topical or humorous twist. Download our mobile app and you'll get a notification whenever a new special arrives, so you'll never miss a saving.

Save more the longer you stay

The Powerpack with the biggest discount is Simple Saver, which hits the shop at the start of each month. Simple Saver gives you around five days worth of power. Plus for every year you've been with us (up to five years) the bigger the discount gets!

Don't want to shop?

If you don't buy any Powerpacks during the month, no worries, we’ll just buy power for you at your standard rate and bill you like an ordinary power company. We won't turn your lights off!

Or if you reckon shopping for power just isn't for you at all, you can sign up to Powershop Lite.

Power your way. That's the Powershop way.

"Love Powershop! We are in control of our purchases and usage, and love the specials. It's great to be able to buy power for months in advance at a great price (especially when buying for the winter months). Highly recommended."
Rebecca, Dunedin

How the shop works

If you sign up to Powershop Classic, you get access to our online shop. Here you can buy electricity in packs of power in varying sizes and costs called Powerpacks. Some can be used now, and some in the future. You can visit the shop on our mobile app, or through your desktop account.

Powerpacks help you do things you've never done with a power company before. You can buy:

  • Special Packs at low prices to save you money
    There are fixed price specials that are always in the shop, and extra-special specials that are available for a limited time.
  • Future Packs that let you stock up on discounted power for coming months
    The further out you buy Future Packs, the bigger the discount you’ll get.
  • Top Up Packs where you choose the exact dollar amount you want to buy
    You won't get a discount with these packs. There are different types of Top Up packs, you can choose to buy just standard power, make a donation to a charity, or even contribute an amount towards offsetting the emissions associated with the power you are purchasing.

Rather than only paying for power when your bill arrives, buying power in our online shop gives you flexibility and choice. With bells on!

Want to see the shop in action? Download our mobile app and give the demo a spin.

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