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Grab yourself a great deal with Powershop through Powerswitch and get the first weekend of each month free for your first 12 months*.  

*Terms and conditions apply. If you switch away before the year’s up, you won’t get the remaining free weekends that would’ve been due). 



Powershop Light

At Powershop, we're all about giving you the power so that you can shop the deals.  As a shopper, you get access to our online Shop. That means that you can make all the tasty savings by buying our regular specials and other fun power packs that make shopping for your power a bit more of a laugh.

It’s easy peasy too – you can track your usage with our online tools and our mobile app. You can even take care of your future self by buying our Future Packs so you’ll have power ready to go in the months down the track. Our pricing is seasonal, so it’ll reduce over spring and summer and increase slightly over autumn and winter. Check out how our pricing works.