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What are the different types of Powerpack?

Our Powerpacks come in different dollar amounts to suit your pocket and how much power you need at the time.

Our Special Packs give you a discount against your Standard Power rate and come in a range of sizes.

Staying Power is our super-discounted Special Pack that is available once a month.

The Staying Power discount starts off at 20% in your first year then increases by 1% each year you’re with us, reaching a maximum of 25% after five years.

The Special Packs with the next biggest discount are the regular specials that hit the shop through the month and are available for a limited time.

The Staying Power and the limited-time specials together contribute to your ‘Special Rates’. 

Download our mobile app to get notifications when new specials go on the shelf in the shop. You can also keep up to date with specials by following us on Facebook.

Future Packs allow you to squirrel away power for the months to come. The further out you buy Future Packs, the bigger the discount. Buy six months ahead to save the maximum 10% against your Standard Rate for the month.

As well as scoring the maximum discount, buying Future Packs six months ahead also helps spread your power costs more evenly across the year, because you're buying the bigger winter Future Packs in summer (and vice versa).

Our fixed-price Value Packs are always in the shop. They have the smallest discount out of all the Special Packs, but come in a range of sizes to suit all your power needs.

Our Top Up Packs allow you to buy a specific amount of power (to the nearest whole $) at your Standard Power rate, with no discount.

Our Standard Power Top Up pack gives you just that, power priced at your standard rate. With our AirShed Green Top Up pack, you make a contribution towards offsetting the emissions associated with the amount of Standard Power you purchase.