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At Powershop we give you the power to choose when, where and how you pay for your electricity for the month.

So many ways to pay

You can pay for your power by direct debit, credit card or debit card, or with cash at a PostShop through a Powershop Recharge Card. In our online shop you can even buy power now, and pay later. (Please note a 0.8% processing fee applies for credit card and debit card transactions.)

No paper bills

We don't send out paper bills in the post. Instead we will send you an 'Account Review' email every month. Your Account Review shows you how much power you've used, what Powerpacks have been used (if you have access to our online shop), if you owe anything and how much it has cost. Find out more on our Help site or check out our Account Review Explainer.

How to pay for your power

In your online account you can nominate either a bank account direct debit, credit card or debit card as your preferred payment method. (Please note a 0.8% processing fee applies for credit card and debit card transactions.). We'll then use this whenever a payment is scheduled, for example if you forget or don't get around to buying power yourself.

Generally, payments are scheduled for three days after we have purchased power on your behalf.

Choose how you pay

You can change your preferred payment method at any time, or add new bank accounts or cards. Plus whenever you buy power in our online shop, you can choose another payment method just for that transaction.

For example if you see a special you want to buy that you don't have the money for right now, you can defer the payment by choosing 'Pay by Online Banking'. Find out more.

Choose when you pay

Once your preferred payment method has been set up, there are a couple of other payment features we offer:

  • If a scheduled payment date doesn’t suit, you can change the date yourself on our mobile app or through your online account.
  • If you'd like to set up a regular payment date that coincides with when you get paid, for example, just give us a call and we'll sort it.

See we told you we were flexible! Need more details? Once you're a Powershop customer, our Help site has all you need to know about making payments.

"Don't like paying my bills, but I love this brand, and they make something as boring/painful as paying for electricity bearable." 
Lawrence, Auckland

Questions answered

Are you pre-pay?

We're not pre-pay as such. Yes you can buy discounted power in advance in our online shop, but if you don't buy enough power (or buy no power in the month) we won't turn your lights off! Find out more about the shop.

Do you do prompt payment discounts?

We don't do prompt payment discounts at Powershop. When you think about it, these are really late payment penalties. We prefer to give you the flexibility to pay when it suits you, rather than penalising you if you don't pay when we say. Did we mention that we're really flexible?

Our rates are already as sharp as we can make them. When you sign up to Powershop Classic, you can save even more with our special discounted Powerpacks. Find out more about buying power

Prefer to pay cash?

If you prefer to pay your power bill with cash or by eftpos you can over the counter at any PostShop using a Powershop Recharge Card. You can use the Recharge Card to both pay your bill and to buy power in advance. Find out more on our Help site.

Find out how much you could save on power. Upload a bill and get a free  estimate:

Find out how much you could save on power. Upload a bill and get a free  estimate:

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